Crescendo Music Notation Editor

Crescendo Music Notation Editor

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2.7  (투표)
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3.09 (모두 보)
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Crescendo Music Notation Editor 제공하는 간단하고 직관적 작동하는 방식으로 음악이다. 그것은 당신을 생성, 저장 및 인쇄하는 음악 작곡 컴퓨터에서입니다. 다양한 표기법의 기호, 시간표, 텍스트, 자유 형태의 레이아웃, 당신에게 가장어 음악을 준비합니다.
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Actual users' questions

모두 보
  • Question: How can I reduce the number of pages? I having reduced space between staves, but now have big gaps at the bottom of the pages.

    You might have to check the built-in help section of the software, because there is no mention on the Internet or on the official website. Typically, this should be solved by tweaking the Settings of the application. In the Help, go to Search and type page or space then read all the available topics. This is the only thing available for the software, as its details are pretty limited when it comes to usage guide or troubleshooting.

  • Question: How do I copy/paste a note example into a written Word document? How do I add verbal instructions, e.g. 'allegro', 'diminuendo' etc.? Does the program distinguish between ties and slurs? If so, how?

    No, it's not possible to copy the notes into a written Word documents. I have tested both applications (editor and Word), but there was no way to copy and paste the notes inside a document. The only thing you can do is save the notes in a PDF and then using a PDF editor to add complementary text.

    To download a PDF editor, access the database of Software Informer.

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