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Crescendo Music Notation Editor 1.4

Compose music scores easily and fast with this free program
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If you are a musician or music composer and want to have a way to write your compositions or transcribed music pieces that is easier and faster than the traditional pen-and-paper method, then this program is for you. It lets you choose any music notation symbol and paste it on the score. The way of using accidentals, that is, sharp and flat symbols, is really easy.

Once you have pasted a note, a circle will appear showing all the accidentals available. You only need to choose the one you want and click on it to paste it next to your note. You can also use dynamics or instructions regarding the volume of the music (piano, pianissimo, forte, mezzoforte, and so on), as well as to change the time signature (the default one is 4/4). It is also possible to use a single- or two-part music staff according to the instrument you are writing for.

A significant advantage over the pen-and-paper method is that you can hear immediately the music you are writing thanks to the program's Play feature. This way, you can correct, add or delete any part of your composition if you aren't completely satisfied with it.

Once you are satisfied with your score, you can save and print it so you can have a hard copy to play with your instrument or share with your fellow musicians. In short, this is a very good program for musicians and composers, and the best of all is that it is absolutely free.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Free
  • Intuitive interface
  • The wide array of notation symbols
  • Ability to print out completed music projects


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