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Crescendo Music Notation Editor 5.30

Create and edit custom musical compositions
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Write musical notations using a free-form layout which can be adjusted to meet specific needs. Work with a collection of music notation symbols, control the placement and checking of key and time signatures, forte, piano, crescendo and all the adjacent derivations.

Music writing is a very laborious and painstaking process since you need first to write down the notes, bars, and so on, and then play them with your instrument so you can make the corresponding corrections. All this may take a lot of time.

This program lets you streamline this process. You only need to open a new document and use the built-in wizard to choose the type of score you want to use (treble, for voice, guitar and other instruments, or bass, for bass guitar, double-bass and so on), or choral and set the key you want to use.

Once you have set your score, you can start adding the notes you want. You can find anything from whole to thirty-second notes, as well as rests and silences. You can also add additional notations such as slurs, legato, triplets, and more.

Once you have finished your score, you can listen to it using the playback instrument tool, which lets you choose among a huge variety of instruments, including different types of piano, guitar, organ, harp, and others. Also, you can print your score to read it even when you are away from your computer. In sum, it is a very useful program, even though it is aimed to music composers, musicians, and people with at least some music notation knowledge.

Although the cost of the program is not very affordable, the company offers a substantial discount.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Allows you to hear your music using the instrument you are writing for


  • The regultar cost is not very affordable, but the company offers a good discount
  • It is only for people with knowledge of music notation
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